Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

Sapphire Technique Hair Transplant is the advanced version of the popular FUE & DHT Techniques.

While in the latter procedures, the recipient area's incisions are created using steel blades, while in the Sapphire Technique Hair transplant, the incisions are done using premium sapphire blades.

Sapphire blades are stronger than steel blades because they are made from a single crystal of sapphire. Blades made of sapphire, a precious gemstone, are known for their durability, sharpness, and smoothness. These characteristics enable the surgeon to make micro-channels, which are essentially smaller, more precise incisions in the recipient area.

This is significant because the most crucial aspect of a hair transplant procedure is the formation of channels. The nature of these newly formed channels, determines the density, angle, and direction of the new hair growth. A sapphire blade's capacity to make smaller, and accurate channels results in more natural looking results than what is possible with a regular Techniques.

FUE/ DHT and Sapphire Techniques are all cutting-edge and successful hair transplant methods, and they are comparable in nature. Due to the high level of precision and competence required for the Sapphire Hair Transplant, not all doctors are qualified to use Sapphire blades.

It is more expensive than the regular techniques because it requires better skills and the cost of Sapphire blades is higher than the regular blade.

Advantages of Sapphire Technique Transplant:

  • Innovative and high-precision technology
  • Increased Density
  • Quick Healing
  • Least painful

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