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Hair System

Hair Systems are used as a solution to irreversible baldness. Many people also opt for it because of its convenience and immediate results.

As per its name, it is a non-surgical option in which lace or an ultra-thin skin patch, woven with human hair is attached to your head. Hair clips or adhesives such as glue and tape are used to attach the hair system to the scalp. It is made of natural human hair and is custom made to match your hair’s density and color. The modern hair systems have a realistic appearance, with a form and texture that is comparable to your own hair. These advanced systems look completely like your real hair and cannot be detected by naked eye. The Hair systems require timely service to increase their life span.


  • They look completely natural.
  • Instant change in appearance.
  • Custom made systems as per your desired style.
  • Can wear them during bathing and swimming.
  • No need to remove before going to sleep.
  • You can do physical activities like exercise, running, playing any kind of sports etc.

We provide comprehensive solution to all your Hair problems.

Hair loss is a very common condition that can be treated with the right advice. Our expert doctors identify the cause of hair loss and suggest the treatment accordingly. We will be happy to assist you in treating your Hair loss problem.

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