Direct Hair Transplant is a modified version of FUE Technique. The main difference between DHT and FUE is that in DHT, the extraction of grafts is done right before the implantation. It makes the out of body time of graft almost nil which results increased survival rate of grafts.

Each hair graft is extracted and immediately implanted in the scalp. This technique needs more surgical hands and takes more time than the FUE technique.

The procedure is straightforward: each hair graft is retrieved using punches assisted by a micromotor, and the harvested graft is then implanted at the same time as a slit or incision is formed in the scalp's bald area. This procedure with each and every hair graft is repeated until the desired hair density is attained.

Being similar in nature both FUE and DHT are modern and effective techniques of Hair Transplant and are equally preferred by the surgeons over the FUT technique.

Since DHT Technique involves more surgical hands, it is at a slightly higher cost than the FUE Technique.

It is the least minimally invasive Hair Transplant treatment to restore hair/ correct hair hairline or increase hair volume.

  • Increased Survival Rate of Graft
  • Out of body time of Graft is negligible
  • Quick recovery
  • Least painful
  • No permanent scars
  • Most advanced and successful technique of Hair Transplant

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