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Everyone wants to appear presentable and smart in today's fast-paced environment. Hair loss, on the other hand, has been an issue for many people. Many people are humiliated or insecure because of their lack of hair. 'Hair transplants' are now available, which is a blessing.

However, the key question is where to go for the best hair transplantation treatments. Every business, doctor, and surgeon claims to be the finest in their field. An eager individual is often the victim of such deceptions, and suffers as a result. Many hair transplantation scam cases have been documented in recent years. As a result, many are beginning to distrust the entire hair grafting industry. Before receiving a hair transplant, one should learn everything there is to know about the procedure, the outcome, and the cost. The majority of people do not value these particulars highly enough. However, before picking a doctor or clinic, the public should consider all minor factors.


Find out who your Doctor is:

Is the information about the doctor (Hair Transplant Surgeon) who will perform the procedure available on the clinic's website? Check to see if he graduated from the medical school he claims on his CV. Stay away from these centres if there is no information about the doctors on the website. You have the right to know who will be handling the procedure that will have long-term consequences for you. You should also find out at what stages the doctor will be involved in your procedure and how long it will take him to complete the procedure, as well as how many patients he/she consults in a day. Remember that a hair transplant procedure is a lengthy procedure (6-8 hours), which means that if a doctor gives you enough time to examine, plan, execute, and operate on your hairline, he cannot see more than 1-2 patients per day.

Clinic's Reputation:

Before deciding on a clinic, do some research on it online. A well-known clinic usually has a brand name in the market.

It is also necessary to collect and properly analyze reviews about the clinic. One can also look up the clinic online because most of them have a website where they list their accomplishments and successful surgeries.

Inquire about the Medical Centre:

Only a hospital, medical centre, or medical polyclinic licensed by Ministry of Health can do this treatment. First and foremost, determine the location where the procedure will be performed. If the address is of an apartment, flat, residence, or villa, request the Ministry of Health's permission documents for this address. If the conditions are not met and permission is not obtained, there will be no equipment, skills, or teams available to respond in the event of an emergency.

Remember that the most important thing is the capacity to intervene professionally when a problem arises during this type of surgical treatment, not if everything goes smoothly.

Photographs of patients before and after Hair Transplant treatment:

Although the growth of social media and the internet has made it easier for clinics to share their customers' images. A good clinic will present photos of their satisfied customers that are both selectable and in great quality.

Inquire about the details planned especially for you:

The most important aspect of hair transplantation is proper planning. When you visit the clinic, expect them to provide you with an accurate treatment plan for a proper and natural appearance.

Many factors should be considered in the treatment plans. The number of grafts that can be taken based on the donor capacity, the hairline, the frontal area, the central hair area and the number of grafts that can be planted on the crown based on the doctor's plans. Given that patients can be informed based on assumptions in general, a simple geometric calculation reveals that the amount of hair that should be planted per square cm is precisely proportional to the area of that baldness, and reflects centre’s sensitivity in this regard. Furthermore, the hair transplantation centre's concern for your health, your disease history, and the medications you take will help it realise how important this treatment is to them.

Techniques Used:

There are 2 main techniques for hair restoration, namely FUE and strip surgery (FUT). Howsoever, every patient has a different scalp with different characteristics. Thus, the surgeon has to understand the patient’s scalp. At the same time, the patient should be aware of the procedure of his surgery. There are many hair implantation techniques in the market, but choosing the right one for the right hair type and scalp is the hideous task.

Products that will be use during Hair Transplant:

Hair products in general are highly expensive; consider the cost of hair transplantation products. The patient accepts that the operation items are costly and pays the fee without question. However, at the moment of surgery, the patient has no idea what product is being used. The doctor may replace a less expensive product for the original.

People believe they are unable to resist these scams. However, if they are aware of all the criteria and have the necessary knowledge, they will be able to select the best clinic. Many people and doctors claim that hair transplantation is simple. As a result, if someone is considering a Hair Transplant, they should double-check all of the little aspects before selecting the correct person to perform the process. NEOAESTHETICA Hair Clinics cater to all of your hair loss needs as well as best practices for hair transplantation. The Clinics are well-known for their successful surgeries, positive outcomes, and ethical business operations.


Hair transplantation is an expensive process. The cost varies for distinct surgery techniques. It generally depends on various factors associated with every operating method. Many doctors who want to practice their hair transplantation skills, make themselves available at quite a cheap rate. Thus, alluring as many patients they could. One has to make sure that irrespective of the price, he/she is receiving services from a well-trained professional. On the other hand, some doctors charge more than the usual value. The patients have to be aware of all these frauds and wisely choose a clinic.

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