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Assured results

No assurance of results

Certified doctors and surgeons, trained exclusively for hair transplant

Untrained and inexperienced team

Natural hairline design using scientific method and designing equipment

Unnatural looking hairline design

No pain or trauma during procedure

Pain during the procedure, uncomfortable technique

Less out of body time for grafts using latest techniques

More out of body time for grafts which causes poor results

Maximum coverage in single sitting

Only up to 2500-3000 grafts in one sitting

Complete post procedure care and assistance

No after procedure care or consultation

No side effects. ISO certified clinics, hygienic and sterilized procedure rooms.

Side effects during and after the procedure due to unclean clinic and OT

Transparent pricing- no hidden cost, no post procedure heavy expenses

Hidden expenses, unfair pricing

We provide comprehensive solution to all your Hair problems.

Hair loss is a very common condition that can be treated with the right advice. Our expert doctors identify the cause of hair loss and suggest the treatment accordingly. We will be happy to assist you in treating your Hair loss problem.

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